Case Study

Anti-Counterfeiting Application

Proprietary patented technology designed to replace QR codes for mission critical and high security applications.

1 Month

Mobile Application


IPhone Mockup

The Problem Statement

Anti Counterfeiting Image

Our Solution

New kind of QR Code

Closed engineering standards Only readable by custom API Built with Machine Learning Security through obscurity Secure in DLT DB's Computer vision

UI Screens


The welcome screen you see when you open an app for the first ime.

Login and signup screens

Login/ Signup or Continue as a Guest

One can choose any one option from the following.

Login Page

Login and signup screens

Guest Page

Maximum 3 scans available, one will have to login or signup for unlimited scans.

Coming Soon !

Get ready for an upcoming app launch on the Play Store and the App Store! Experience innovation with a user-friendly interface, powerful features, and unmatched convenience.

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